RH Uncovered Magazine features Amanda Kehoe’s storybook, TJ and his Wheelable Chair

RH Uncovered Magazine was launched in 2006 for connecting the community of Surrey and Sussex with local businesses and is known to cover latest news and events in the area. The magazine mentioned the inspirational storybook of  Amanda Kehoe, ‘TJ and his Wheelable Chair‘.

The tale is about a young boy, TJ, who suffers from Cerebral Palsy and Global Developmental Delay. But in spite of these limitations, TJ loves to have fun; he feels happy when other children of his age are around him.

Amanda’s real inspiration to write this story was her own son, Tadhg, who suffers from the same disease. She wants to convey the message that children of all abilities like to indulge themselves in playful activities and that there are no barriers to a happy life.

Children require special care and affection and for this reason Amanda has dedicated her life to her son.